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The Process | Studio Beltran

The Process




We can accommodate your animation needs at every level and for ever Budget.


If you have your characters, backgrounds and overall look of the film we go right to step 1. If however you need me to do the VISUAL DEVELOPMENT of your film or scene we will take longer,  as I will have to bring to life your vision. This entails making model sheets of your characters, props and backgrounds. If it is just a simple character interacting within a white background it will of course take less time.

Here is how I do it.

1. you give me the script  and description of your project.  I then give you various character designs, background layouts, props etc. We go back and forth until you are happy with the “Look” of the project.  THIS IS WHERE ALL YOUR MAJOR CHANGES SHOULD TAKE PLACE.

2. We do a storyboard of your film untill you are happy, you approve the boards

3. I make a animatic of your board

4. you approve the animatic

5. I Go to pencil test

6. you approve the pencil test

7. Final product

At every point you can make revisons and corrections, you can change it as much as you want. Please remember I get paid by the hour and any changes can be costly. Try to keep in mind that animation is 24 frames a second that could mean up to 24 drawings a second

( Most animation is shot on 2′s so really about 12 drawings a second)


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